Sunday, 28 March 2010

Bournemouth vs. Lisbon

20th March. Maus Habitas Porto- Bournemouth vs. Lisbon

So this was our first away battle and the beautiful city of Porto played host to us. After an early drive to Stansted airport we arrived in Portugal very tired but itching to find our club and hotel, we dropped off the bags and made the short walk to Maus Habitas. After handing out a bunch of Casio watches, pens, banners, and tshirts to the Lisbon crew we were interviewed by a national newspaper.

**The Battle**

We got back to the club after an expensive meal and started what would later be our downfall- drinking vast amounts of Super Boc (good Portuguese beer!). Gaspar, Mr. Baker, and Merkage sat down and made the tactical decision to discard all previous sketches and start something completely different. Not necessarily a bad idea, but brave!

With a room packed full of blood thirsty locals, we made our way to the wall and slapped up the Secret Wars logo.

Things started looking real when this guy picked up the mic.

With the crowd hyped and introductions over, we got started.

After 90 minutes 6 exhausted artists put down their pens, a few picked up more Super Boc, but all eyes fell to the judges. Over on the Portuguese side was an oceanic scene of the Bournemouth 3 sat in a boat getting murked by a tentacle riddled sea monster, in front of stormy gates labeled 'Death Mouth'. We could only presume this was a dig at the name of our seaside hometown.

Over on our glorious side, shone the masterpiece of kings. What coincidentally fit very well next to their ocean imagery, was a series of characters drowning in a mass of Piri Piri sauce, lost in limbo stuck between a 'Nando's' sign (because Nando's originated from Portugal, we werent just hungry) and the directions to Lisboa (a witty attempt to point out we weren't actually in Lisbon).

Both judges gave their vote to the home team, claiming it to be a better use of space, and more graphically appealing. Whatevers yeah! It was down to the crowd vote for us to walk away with anything, and no surprises for guessing which team a club full of Portuguese voted for. Had my airhones made it through customs, things may well be different. It was a 3-0 defeat to Bournemouth, but drunk, dribbling, and content with producing a good bit of art we got down and partied like its going out of fashion.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Limited Edition Birmingham Six prints for sale !!!!

Only 50 ever to be produced ... only £10 plus p&p ... so are an absolute steal. All proceeds go to taking the full squad away to each battle so we can murk you even harder ... lotsa love from

Please leave a comment under the album on the Secretwars Birmingham Facebook page with ya name and some contact details if you are interested in getting one of these hot little puppies .

Otherwise ... if ya local ... pop into TheBench504 graf store in The Custard Factory and pay a T££NN£R !!!

rep ya artists ... get em while ya can !!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Oporto - 20th March

Reeps One X Flip Video

The Reeper giving it large at the Brum V Lisbon Battle , big up Reeps and Flip Video

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Brum and Lisbon paint sesh sat night

After a big 2 days of travel and drawing the lads unwound and murked some walls down the road on Adderley St on the Saturday evening.. below are a few happy snaps for ya eyes . Big up Rob from the Bench 504 for the paint !!

Birmingham V Lisbon

First off.. .. sorry for the late blog guys. We have been letting our battered brains recover from one intense weekend .
Gonna break this down into 2 parts for ya'll as our battle had to be completed over 2 days , so here it goes.......

Part 1 Friday 26th:
well what a night ..... The Rainbow started collecting bods nice and early. The Brummie crowd could smell the blood in the air and the atmosphere was frothing with tension as the Brum resident Dj's started warming things up.

The scene was set... but where were Lisbon? The clock hit 23:45 and we got the call we had been dreading ... Lisbon's flight had been delayed due to the dutty French closing their airspace , the team wouldnt be arriving till 5 a.m. at the earliest. So with the room heaving we decided to kick things off and let the Birmingham Six do their piece with the intention of letting Lisbon complete their side of the board the next day .
CHU, AGENT and JUST GLEN blasted up a big, Portuguese Gypsy hillbilly character with monobrow n all , truly broken down en route to nowhere... some serious diss's comming Portugals way. Gotta say Big ups to our boy REEPS 1 for making some serious soundwaves midway through the battle ... much respect blud !

Part 2.. The arrival.. Sat 27th :

So after a massively delayed flight and just a few hours kip Lisbon landed at the Bow ready to lay down there skills and boy did they pack a punch.. strong lines , psychedelic teddies , and some nice bold fills these lads had us worrying a little .
These boy's have some serious skills so watch out Group 2, you have been warned . After 2 days the battle was over and it was down to our two judges and a crew of die hard wars fans that had soldiered through and returned to witness the response ...(big up ya selves).

We did a crowd vote and the Birmingham squad won it by a clear three points on the reader after a bit of scope the judges where ready to reveal and it was another 2 points to Birmingham (big up Rob from The Bench504 and Maddie).
So 1st round goes to Brum 3-0

Much respect and thanks goes to ... the artists , dj's , Reeps-1, and all the heads that made it down .... that was one huge night / day THANKYOU !


Birmingham V Lisbon ... Brum takes it 3-0