Tuesday, 14 September 2010


And the journey continues ....

The Birmingham Six (well 3 of them) travelled up to Glasgow for the second leg of our Quarter-Final battle just needing 1 point after winning 3-0 at home

It was a lonnnnnnnnng journey so we wisely took the option of arriving a day early just so we could acclimatise

First things first, find hotel ... sorted .. then we could get down to the serious business of roaming the streets and riverbanks of this old shipbuilding, irn-bru drinking, skag-injecting city with our hosts ... dishing out flyers to anyone and everyone we came across

By the time we'd had a Tennants and a Tequila some dude had jumped off the bridge next to the venue in a suicide attempt and a chopper was hovering over us with his spotlight and metal blades blaring us out ... "happens all the time ya ken aye" said the Weegies ... our inspiration was growing ;)

Onto the day of the battle and the Glasgow boys had pulled out all the stops ... with a purpose built Tiki bar in the shared courtyard of two riverside pubs serving malibu filled pinapples ... and a full on paint jam going on all overand around the venue !! DOPE !

So by the time we got the battle kicked off the place was heaving ... great turn out, great crowd .... time to get down to business.

The Brum boys had decided to re-create the previous nights events into the battle piece with the twist being the Glasgow team contemplating suicide after losing out to the Brum Six ....

........ meanwhile ... Reeps1 and Big Taj made noise inside ...

..........some dudes span on their heads

and everybody drank more pinapples .....

The Glasgow team were giving us a GAME OVER warning ....

......... but our peice was good enough for a judge vote and so we progressed even further .. to the Semi Finals where we come up against the original masters ...


A massive shout to all the lads n lassies up in Scotland ... you guys know how to knock out a top notch party ... many new friends made.. BIG luv x

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Yes Bournemouth are out, but Southampton are still in it

Just because Bournemouth are out of the Secret Wars Competition, doesn't mean you can't get you're black ink on white board fix. A mere 30 miles away, in a place not so different from Bournemouth, there still remains a team, repping for the South Coast. Southampton face Amsterdam in what will be the decider on who goes through to the Semi Final - details below

The Secret Wars Euro League is coming to an end - The live art battle which boasted 17 European cities has only a few left and guess what....Southampton are still in it!!

Come on Southampton!!!!
Being the only team in the whole competition to lose only one battle, means team Southampton is a real threat and a serious contender to go all the way!! I think it was Samuel Jackson that said in the movie Coach Carter, "Just because we deserve to win, doesn't mean they're going to let us"! Great film and wise words.

So we need all the support we can get!! Remember as well as the judges votes, there's a crowd vote, which is where you guys come in!

There's some serious artistic talent on show, Amsterdam I bringing the big guns. You only have to google these names to get a load of stats and images - Mr K, Wayne Horse, Sjoco Sjon, Via Via, Zender and Chaz from the infamous London Police!!

But Southampton are more than capable of taking them out. Led by team Captain Hicks 54 (www.flickr.com/hicks54), Zadok, Gustav, Mr Dead, Sobac and Smurph are ready and waiting.

We're moving the event from our usual Thursday night slot to a Saturday night - SATURDAY 25TH SEPTEMBER!!

We're also changing the venue - The Monument Gallery -

The historic Bargate Monument, in central Southampton is run by arts organization 'a space'. The organisation strives to provide opportunities for emerging artists and audiences in
Southampton and the surrounding regions to make and engage with
high quality artistic experiences.

So just to clarify, that big castle in the middle of town, is a Gallery and YES you can go inside it. Due to the size, space is very limited, so make sure you arrive nice and early to avoid any kind of heartbreak.

Date: Saturday 25th September 2010
Where: The Monument Gallery (Opposite The Addict Store)
Time: doors open at 7pm - space is limited, so arrive early!
Price: £5 entry!

For more info email jay@monorex.com

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Birmingham 3 Bournemouth 0

Ey up all you Euro League fans well we have just come off the back end of a massive bank holliday weekend in ye old Brum town ..... and yes another brilliant night of Euroleague madness with the Brum v Bournemouth battle .

As ya'll might of heard the Brum team have moved venue and it was our first battle in our new home at Boxxed , who I have to say a massive thanks to for all the hospitality love and help they gave us in the set up for this one .

Things got under way around 11:30pm and both teams came out strong from the get go Brum town with some sick shading and intimidating characters ....

....and Bournemouth on a strong diss of Brumtowns Bull Ring shopping centre with old Ozzy Osbourne givin it to us large .

Buddy Peace and Skeleton held down the sounds during the battle with some next level hip hop and wonked out future beat vibes plus a very special bit of live mpc from the man Buddy Peace . The crowd where vibing and, as standard we had another breakdance comp from some of our more crazy crew ( Fabio ya have me in stitches every time ! ).

So with a big crowd count down the battle was at a end ... and we got down to judging

.... with out of towners and respected hip hop heads Jon1st and Buddy peace guest judging, we started with the crowd vote and unfortunatly for Bournemouth it went all the way to brum town . With some tough decisions to be made the 1st judge vote from Buddy went to Brum town . Moments later with Jon1st revealing another vote to Brum it was all over and was time for Reeps1 to take us to a next level on the massive Funktion 1 rig ....

... what a night !!! big up to all involved espeacilly Buddy Peace and Jon1st and not to mention the rest of the dj's, artists , people takin pics ,liam blendstate for the sick visuals and ballache gettin the camera up, exm fam jokes and quality video . and most importantly the Brum fam who rep hard everytime .

all pics on here are from either Harridatta.co.uk , KeeefyG , and the Bournemouth fam

vids and some special bits to follow peace . xx

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Friday 28th May Brum V Bournemouth


Monday, 3 May 2010

Euro League Allstars wall at village underground

Ello all I hope this bank holliday monday finds you well . Well team Brum was lucky enough to get a cheeky invite down to London this weekend just gone to have a ickle paint on the Village Underground wall for a massive Euro League black and white production that is currently under way. With the bottom half of the wall and the logo nearlly completed , i think ya'll have to agree that once finished this is goin to be one huge bad ass production. big up Terry the artists ,the booze and anyone that walked by and took pics wicked vibes all round . oh and Terry's chilli burgers are not to be missed if ya stoppin by HQ

Stay tuned for more pics and madness as the wall gets completed over the course of this week big up to all involved once again .
SW Brum . xx