Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Birmingham 3 Bournemouth 0

Ey up all you Euro League fans well we have just come off the back end of a massive bank holliday weekend in ye old Brum town ..... and yes another brilliant night of Euroleague madness with the Brum v Bournemouth battle .

As ya'll might of heard the Brum team have moved venue and it was our first battle in our new home at Boxxed , who I have to say a massive thanks to for all the hospitality love and help they gave us in the set up for this one .

Things got under way around 11:30pm and both teams came out strong from the get go Brum town with some sick shading and intimidating characters ....

....and Bournemouth on a strong diss of Brumtowns Bull Ring shopping centre with old Ozzy Osbourne givin it to us large .

Buddy Peace and Skeleton held down the sounds during the battle with some next level hip hop and wonked out future beat vibes plus a very special bit of live mpc from the man Buddy Peace . The crowd where vibing and, as standard we had another breakdance comp from some of our more crazy crew ( Fabio ya have me in stitches every time ! ).

So with a big crowd count down the battle was at a end ... and we got down to judging

.... with out of towners and respected hip hop heads Jon1st and Buddy peace guest judging, we started with the crowd vote and unfortunatly for Bournemouth it went all the way to brum town . With some tough decisions to be made the 1st judge vote from Buddy went to Brum town . Moments later with Jon1st revealing another vote to Brum it was all over and was time for Reeps1 to take us to a next level on the massive Funktion 1 rig ....

... what a night !!! big up to all involved espeacilly Buddy Peace and Jon1st and not to mention the rest of the dj's, artists , people takin pics ,liam blendstate for the sick visuals and ballache gettin the camera up, exm fam jokes and quality video . and most importantly the Brum fam who rep hard everytime .

all pics on here are from either Harridatta.co.uk , KeeefyG , and the Bournemouth fam

vids and some special bits to follow peace . xx

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