Saturday, 1 May 2010

Bournemouth 1 Birmingham 2

Brum come away with 2 points to stay on top of the league....

After a rowdy 126 mile coach trip from Brum to Bournemouth with no toilet ... 50 Secret Wars Brum fans litterally spilled onto the pleasant sea-side city streets and ran amock ... don't think Bournemouth was quite ready for these characters ;)

So to the battle .. Reeps-One got us underway with a little beatbox warmer-upper....

and the battle commenced ...

Bournemouth's peice depicted a road train being led out of the city by our three artists in "BRUM" the children's tv character ... i think ??

And we'd decided to do a seaside picture postcard theme ... with a twist

The crowd vote was very tight in the end ... with plenty Bournemouth heads coming out of the woodwork quite late on ... and Bournemouth took it by 2 decibels

Then to the Judges ... two art lecturers from Bournemouth University who both voted for Brumtown !!

so an away win for Birmingham

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